What is Physiotherapy?

World Physiotherapy organisation defines a Physiotherapists as a healthcare professional whose goal is to provide services that develop, maintain and restore people’s maximum movement and functional ability. They can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.

Physiotherapists help people maximise their quality of life, looking at physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. They work in the health spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, and rehabilitation.

What to expect during your Physiotherapy appointment/session?

  • Thorough assessment including history taking and physical examination - range of motion, muscle strength, stability, balance, pain, sensation etc.
  • Discussing the expectations and setting achievable goals, discussing the timeline 
  • Setting up a treatment plan
  • Therapy session – here we will use a combination of therapeutic methods and techniques as required; these can include hands on/manual techniques, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, exercise prescription, kinesiotaping or taping for sport
  • Advise for home care given to you on printed handouts or via smart phone/desktop app
  • Arranging follow up appointment 
  • Re-evaluation and re-assessment at every follow up appointment

How long does the session last and what is the cost?

Our treatments sessions last on average 1 hour. In our experience this gives us time to properly get to the core of your problem and treat it efficiently. It also gives us time to utilise the additional treatment methods unique for our clinic as e.g. hydrotherapy

Our Fees:  

  • 45  minutes   € 70
  • 60 minutes   € 85
  • 90 minutes   € 120

Occasionally you might need to use exercise equipment or tools as part of your home care program, e.g. exercise band or exercise loop, foam roller, putty for hand therapy, etc. If we have these in stock you can purchase them in our clinic, otherwise we can advise you on where to buy them yourself.

Depending on you therapist you might be able to claim some refund from you Private Health Insurance. Check with your therapist when making an appointment.

We accept both Cash and Card payments.