TECAR Therapy

T.E.C.A.R means Transfer of Capacitive And Resistive Energy

TECAR therapy utilises high frequency alternating current to affect tissues at cellular level. Non-invasive, painless and pleasant, TECAR current increases intra and extracellular exchanges, accelerating the metabolism and leading to more rapid healing. From your first session of tecartherapy you will experience real benefits in your rehabilitation. - pain relief, improved range of movement, increased circulation and 2x faster healing and rehabilitation.

In our clinic we use  Winback TECAR therapy machine; Winback is a French company creating non-invasive technologies to relieve pain, restore mobility and activate the body’s natural healing process for a better life. Their technologies have solid research behind them and many of their innovations  have been patented.


Winback tecartherapy has three effects to accelerate rehabilitation:

1. Relieve Pain

Inhibits the transmission of pain messages by saturating nociceptors. The result? An immediate & lasting pain relief enabling therapists to work more smoothly et efficiently.

(Study: Bretelle F, Fabre C, Golka M, Pauly V, Roth B, Bechadergue V, Blanc J. (2020) Capacitive-resistive radiofrequency therapy to treat postpartum perinal pain: a randomized study. PLoS One, 15(4):e0231869.4)


2. Restore movement

Increases temperature helping to release muscle tension and improve vascularization to make movement easier. Gain freedom and range of motion.

(Study: Lee H-r, Shim J-h, Oh D-w. (2017) Effects of high-frequency diathermy integrated into suboccipital release on tenderness and neck mobility and disability in people with chronic tension-type headache. Physical Therapy Korea, 24(2):37-47)


3. Boost metabolism

Stimulates intra and extracellular exchanges. The natural resistance of biological tissues increases, creating diathermy which is used by the vascular/lymphatic system.

(Study: Clijsen R, Leoni D, Schneebeli A, Cescon C, Soldini E, Li L, Barbero M. (2020) Does the application of Tecar therapy affect temperature and perfusion of skin and muscle microcirculation? A pilot feasibility study on healthy subjects. J Altern Complement Med, 26(2):147-153.)