DNS / Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilisation 

What is DNS / Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilisation?

DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilisation is a specialised rehabilitation concept based on the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology. DNS stimulates movement control centres in the brain to activate how our bodies were meant to move by restoring and stabilizing locomotor function; to say it simply, it gets you moving  like how babies learned to move in the  first two years of life. It has been developed by Prof. Pavel Kolar, a world renowned Czech doctor of Physiotherapy.

You can read more about the DNS here.

How can DNS help me? 

Most injuries whether in sport or in daily life happen due to instability in our musculoskeletal system. DNS approach works on addressing these instabilities by "rewiring" our central nervous system and thus correcting the way we move.

The DNS is very effective at treating:

  • athletes - as a prevention of injury and also as rehab post-injury
  • lower back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain and any other issues  due to shoulder instability
  • hip pain