Jana Lalikova




  • St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, Slovac Rep.
    Major: Physiotherapy
  • Secondary Nursing School and Nursing Collage, The Czech Rep.
    Major: Ergotherapy – Occupational Therapy
  • Secondary School Specialization: Social – Health Care, The Czech Rep.

Massage Killarney Kerry

Work Experience and Employment

Self-Employed – Ireland
Football GAA clubs
Soccer club – The Czech Rep.
Rehabilitation Centre – Darkov – Karvina – The Czech Rep.
Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy clinic – Medicur Clinic – Prague – The Czech Rep.
Rehabilitation and Sanatorium Astoria a. s., Carlsbad – Karlovy Vary – The Czech Rep.
Hospital in Karvina – The Czech Rep.

Additional Training and Courses/Conferences/Speeches

  • Attending Shoulder Surgery in Bon Secours Hospital in Tralee
  • Attending Knee Surgery in Sports Surgery Clinic –Santry Dublin
  • Attending Consultations and Therapy in Plastics and Hand Therapy – Cork University Hospital
  • Attending 6 weeks work experience Department of Neurology – Kerry University Hospital Tralee
  • Work experience – Medbase – Rehab/Sports Clinic – Zug, Switzerland
  • Participation in Bon Secours Physiotherapy Study Day (Tralee, Ireland)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (prof. Kolar, Prague, The Czech Rep.)
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Brno, The Czech Rep.)
  • Senzomotor Stimulation (Army Hospital, Prague, The Czech Rep.)
  • Pain Management (David Butler, London, UK)
  • Manual Therapy – Ribs Mobilisation (Mojzis Method, Vyskov, The Czech Rep.)
  • Women´s Health – (Vyskov, The Czech Rep.)
  • Rehab Training and Functional Sports Therapy (Prague, The Czech Rep.)
  • Bobath Course Introductory Modul 1 (Manchester, UK)
  • Bobath Course Introductory Modul 2 and 3 (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Spiraldynamik – Intelligent Movement (Prague, The Czech Rep.)

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